Browning 9x19mm Bulk 500 Rounds

Browning 9x19mm Bulk 500 Rounds


Quality and cost -- every shooter has to keep that perpetual balancing act in mind no matter the ammunition they’re shopping for. If you’d like to enjoy the perfect combination of both, then we wholeheartedly recommend this 9mm ammo by Browning. The American company enjoys too good a reputation to forfeit it with an inferior product, so they apply the same love for quality and innovation to every round they make no matter its intended application.

This cartridge bears its caliber’s lightest factory-loaded projectile, a 115 grain. So wispy a bullet will keep your wrists happier as you’re honing your aim, and as it’s popular for self-defense it’ll acquaint you well with your hollow point loads’ performance. Browning gave this round’s bullet a concentric full metal jacket, so it’ll not only fly nice and straight but promote smooth feeding in your semi-automatic weapon as well. Browning’s brass casings boast similar fine quality, and won’t let you down at your reloading bench once you’ve evacuated their contents.

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