Guns, ammo, and accessory sales

We are a licensed firearm retailer and manufacturer. This is offered as a convenience for our customers. Our transfer fee is $30 for standard firearms transfers and $100 for NFA items. Transfers are free for all of our members. 

  • When purchasing off of Gun Broker we are not usually sent any information from the seller. If you want updates on the status of your purchase, contact the seller. When we receive the firearm we will give you a call to let you know it is ready for pickup. You will need a state-issued photo ID with your current physical address on it when you come to pick up your item. 


  • If you want to purchase a firearm from a website we are not listed with please email or call our sales department for our FFL info. 


  • If there is a firearm or accessory that you would like help procuring we can assist you in getting what you are looking for. We stock a wide variety of firearms parts and accessories. 

  • We are a Silencer Shop dealer of NFA items and can handle the transfer process for SBR's or suppressors that are purchased on the internet. 

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