About Us

Range Time was established in 2019 with the goal of offering a cutting edge firearms training facility in Phoenix, AZ. As US Marine Corps veterans we have seen the types of advanced training facilities that the government has and we wanted to make those same facilities available to the public. The largest advantage of our training facility is the flexibility to meet the customer's needs and the level of safety we have.

In the front, we have 4 bays with shooting simulators. These simulators have hundreds of different scenario-based simulations. These include basic marksmanship, competitive shooting sports, hunting, and critical decision making. All of these simulations are adjustable to the user's level of skill and you will receive feedback after you complete them. To include, time, accuracy, hits and misses. We provide several weapons to choose from. These weapons are real firearms that have been converted to function off of compressed air and lasers. This will give the user realistic feedback and the function of the firearm. The only difference between this and their real counterparts is the high-speed projectile. The benefit of this type of system is the low cost since no ammunition is used and the safety that it provides. This makes it ideal to teach new shooters or to allow one to train in a more safe manner. For example, drawing from a concealed carry holster can be dangerous when you first learn. We offer the ability to build your skills before you transition to live fire.