Gun Range Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Shooting Range

Modern Firearms Training

We are not your traditional shooting range. We are a 21st century shooting range located in Phoenix Arizona and our goal is to make sure you become a more confident firearms owner. Our facility is safer, more economic, and more advanced than anything else in Arizona. 


Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Arizona CCW class taught by an attorney. This will be the first step to applying for your permit. 



Intro to 

Tues - Sun

Learn the basics for safely handling and shooting a handgun. 



Arizona Firearms Course

Live-Fire Training

Monday Evenings

Schedule one-on-one training and a private range with our instructors. 



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Why Use Simulators

Range Time is an indoor shooting range in Phoenix Arizona that mimics the experience you'd get at any other range, with one major exception. You're not using ammunition. It's compressed air that mimics the recoil of an actual gun and sensors on the end of the barrel let you know if you hit your target. These simulators allow you to practice at a fraction of the cost, practice in safe environment, and have a variety of scenarios to run through. 

Gun Range Phoenix AZ

Shooting Range Tips for Benginners

  • Your firearm should be in a case or holster when you bring it in to the range.

  • Make sure you listen to all the instructions form the range staff.

  • If you ever have a question or problem, don't be afraid to bring it up to the staff. They are there to help you. 

  • Always observe the firearm safety rules. 

  • Practice good range ettiquite by cleaning up after yourself when you are done shooting.